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Obesity Secondary to Eating Disorders

What is it?

Obesity is a term used when referring to individuals that have a significantly higher body weight. They consume more calories than they burn on a daily basis, and therefore continue to gain weight. This weight gain is a risk factor for many cardio-metabolic illnesses and the obesity can cause emotional suffering for some.

The Social Stigma

It’s just not fair. Unfortunately, we are judged based on the container we live in. Fortunately, this discrimination is being questioned, and hopefully the future will be more inclusive of those living in larger containers.

In the meantime, many people have suffered from social discrimination based on body size. Clients have described to our clinicians, less employment and social opportunities, and they believe sometimes this is due to their size.

We want to help you rewrite that narrative and battle the self-esteem wounds that may have been inflicted on you.

Obesity Treatment

Mind Over Body is all about creating a healthy relationship with food. Our team of experts will assess your individual case and create a program that is suited to your recovery.

We’ll help the patient with their relationship with food and exercise and use behavioral and psychological approaches to treat each individual holistically. Obesity is a silent killer and we want you to live a happy and healthier life. If you want to learn more about our treatment programs, follow this link.


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