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Reach Out

If you are concerned that you or someone close to you might be struggling with disordered eating, don’t be afraid to contact us.

In order to start the healing process, the issue needs to be faced head-on. We understand that there is a lot of guilt and shame that accompanies eating disorders, rest assured that we don’t judge. We’re here to help you heal.

Our Team

Mind Over Body has a treatment program in place that is focused on treating the individual’s specific needs. We also treat co-occurring disorders that might surface during the process.

Our team of dedicated, clinical professionals has extensive experience for treating disordered eating and co-occurring disorders. We are here to help save lives and help individuals achieve lasting recovery.

Start Your Recovery Today

When you contact us you’ll see that we treat everyone with compassion, respect, and kindness. We want to start your journey to recovery with you, and we promise we’ll do everything we can to help you heal.

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