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About Sara Kashlan

Sara Kashlan, Dietician MS, RDN, CPT

Sara Kashlan, MS, RDN, CPT is a registered dietitian as well as a nutritionist and certified personal trainer. She operates her private practice in Los Angeles, CA., and likewise works with clients worldwide through virtual nutrition coaching. Her passion in working with clients is to help them see that food deprivation, as well as excessive exercise, is not the way to empower oneself. Her approach is through inner wisdom and developing a relationship with food, movement, and their bodies. Sara offers a broad array of specialties, a few of which being: nutrition therapy, motivational interviewing, eating disorders, nutrition therapy for mood disorders and substance abusers, health at every size and more. She understands that everyone’s journey with food, health and body image is unique, and she will always meet the client at the point they’re at and develop a plan forward tailored to them.

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