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Compulsive Overeating

What is it?

Overeating can be part of our lives from time to time, however Compulsive Overeating is a serious disorder. It’s when overeating becomes a part of our daily lives and begins to hinder our daily activities.

You might be suffering from Compulsive Overeating if you consume abnormal amounts of food
and once you start eating you are unable to stop.

Compulsive overeating can come from deep-rooted mental health issues that haven’t been addressed or dealt with. It affects men, women, and adolescents for a variety of reasons. For those suffering, it can be a way to deal with stress and for others, it can become an actual addiction.

We Want to Help End the Suffering

Mind Over Body understands the debilitating effects that Compulsive Overeating can have on your life. It is difficult to deal with on your own and can be discouraging and isolating. We don’t want you to live this way.

Because of our professional experience and expertise with eating disorders, we can create an individualized treatment program to help you recover from this disorder. We care about every one of our patients and no issue is too big to address.

Learn More About Our Treatment Program

Mind Over Body also focuses on co-occurring disorders with our compassionate care programs we can help you lead the life you’ve always wanted to live. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.


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