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Mood & Anxiety Disorders

What is it?

It’s often the case that eating orders are accompanied by co-occurring disorders such as Mood and Anxiety Disorders. The way in which these disorders can manifest themselves within an individual varies from person to person.

Anxiety and mood issues many times go hand-in-hand. When someone suffers from these disorders they do not respond the same way the average individual would respond to circumstances or situations. It’s not normal stress or worrying, but rather the level of angst and unstable moods over a period of time which is not considered normal.

What does it have to do with Eating Disorders?

We say that Mood & Anxiety disorders are connected to eating disorders when these disorders influence our relationship with food. We turn to food or disordered eating to alleviate feelings of stress and worry, or when we are feeling down or out of control.

How Can We Help?

Mood & Anxiety disorders can be debilitating on their own, but rest assured that we are here to help. In many cases, dealing with the mood and anxiety disorders can help illuminate the reasons for overeating or restricting food intake.

Once we’ve dealt with the underlying issues of the eating disorder, we can resolve your relationship with food with confidence.

Not sure if you suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder? We can help you understand what you’ve been struggling with and provide you with everything you need to start your recovery process


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