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For Professionals

Disordered eating is more complex than it looks, which makes forming a network of mental health and eating disorder professionals crucial. That is why Mind Over Body works in close collaboration with professionals across the board.

Professional Collaboration

At Mind Over Body, we collaborate with other medical and mental health care professionals on a clinical and professional level. We work with each patient’s primary support team whether it be physicians, therapists, and any other providers.

This is to ensure that there is continuity in the treatment being offered and that we have all the information available that could aid in recovery. Research indicates this is a clinically appropriate method and the most effective way to ensure short-term as well as long-term recovery and healing.

Patient Referral

Mind Over Body strives to earn referrals based on our specialized treatment program, our reputation, and our team of highly skilled mental health professionals. We invite you to read more about our process as well as our individualized programs on this website.

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